Our company is specialized in the production of Prosecco and other high quality natural wines with unmistakeable character.
Every wine from Carlo Bisol Solighetto is an expression of the terrain where the vines are cultivated with passion and dedication in the ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Let yourself be seduced by the sensations offered by VNC Prosecco.

The gentle aroma of the grapes, that have been carefully selected for their wine-making properties and that will result in an excellent Prosecco, are the true standard-bearers for our company.

Our sunny hillside vineyards have also awarded numerous important prizes for the quality of the wines they yield. 

From Glera grapes cultivated on the hills,

certified productions,

guaranteed seriousness.

Symbol of our roots,

memory of the fathers

who sweated for these hills they hardly shaped.

Carlo Bisol Solighetto